Major producer of flying-boats, Chantiers Aéro-Maritimes de la Seine formed November 1920 by Swiss engineer D. Lawrence Santoni to build seaplanes and flying-boats. Began building Italian SIAI-Marchetti S.9 and S.13 under licence, their designer Rafaele Conflenti becoming CAMS technical director May 1922. CAMS.31 150-hp flying-boat standard French naval trainer; CAMS 31 300-hp fighter flying-boat; CAMS 33 (2 275-hp) recon/bomber; CAMS 36 racer; CAMS 37 (first by Maurice Hurel, who designed all subsequent) multirole 450-hp flying-boat or amphibian; CAMS 38 racer; CAMS 46 trainer; CAMS 53 (2 580-hp) transport, many built; CAMS 55 (2 500-hp) patrol bomber, many built; and CAMS 58 airliner. This took story to 1933, when CAMS purchased by Potez. For 141, 160 and 161, see Potez.

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