CONSTRUCCIONES AERONAUTICAS SA (Military Transport Aircraft Division of EADS)

CASA, founded in 1923, was owned 99.2852 per cent by the Spanish state holding company Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI), 0.7098 per cent by DASA (Germany) and 0.005 per cent by others. It was announced on 11 June 1999 that SEPI and DaimlerChrysler had signed an MoU to unite CASA and DASA in a new single company. This company was subsequently created as EADS by Aerospatiale Matra and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace and joined by CASA as a founder member on 2 December 1999. As a result, EADS CASA was restructured. In October 2001, the company acquired a 41 per cent holding in PZL Warszawa-Okecie. A 40 per cent stake in the newly formed Eurocopter Espana was established in late 2003; this company responsible initially for final assembly of 24 Eurocopter Tigers by Spanish Army.

Military Transport Aircraft Division

This division is the Military Transport Aircraft Division of EADS and is responsible for the design, manufacture and marketing of light and medium transport aircraft such as the C-212, CN-235 and C-295. Some structural components for the CN-235 and C-295 are now manufactured by ENAER of Chile, under an eight-year co-operation agreement signed on 21 June 2001.
EADS CASA has been designing and manufacturing light and medium transport aircraft for over 30 years for such roles as paratroop drops, aerial delivery, medevac, logistic transport or maritime patrol. These aircraft have seen service in more than 50 countries. Its former Airbus Division was fully responsible for design, development and manufacture of diverse structural parts integrated into all Airbus aircraft, having specialised in horizontal stabilisers, as well as in components manufactured in carbon fibre. The latter capability enables it to play an essential role within construction of the A380 megaliner, in which EADS participates with an 80 per cent stake. EADS CASA is the subcontractor responsible for designing and producing a tanker conversion kit for four Airbus A310MRTTs ordered by the German Air Force (first kit delivery was due in November 2002); is leading the A330MRTT air tanker consortium bidding for the UK Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA) requirement; and in November 2001 launched (for availability in 2005) a development programme for an advanced air refuelling boom system (ARBS) with fly-by-wire control.
It also leads the future A400M heavy military transport aircraft programme, managed by Airbus Military Company, in which EADS has a major stake. The A400M has been designed according to the shared requirements of seven air forces, and as a European reply to the replacement of current military transport aircraft such as the C-130 Hercules and C.160 Transall.
The division offers its FITS (Fully Integrated Tactical System) for diverse applications such as maritime patrol and surveillance, or anti-submarine/anti-surface warfare. First recipient of FITS was Spanish Air Force P-3B fleet (first of five upgraded aircraft rolled out early May 2003); selected also by Brazilian Air Force to retrofit nine P-3As.
A new factory was inaugurated at Bahia de Cadiz on 2 July 2003. Replacing the older facility at Puntales, it has a total area of 78,840 m² (848,625 sq ft), including 20,056 m² (215,880 sq ft) of covered accommodation.

Military Aircraft Division

Military Aircraft Division is a 43 per cent partner within the Eurofighter consortium, being fully responsible for engineering, structural tests and systems, as well as integrated logistic support, manufacture and prototype flight tests. It is currently in the development stage.
For series production Eurofighters, it manufactures starboard wings as well as port and starboard slats for every aircraft. Final assembly of all aircraft ordered by the Spanish Air Force ia also carried out by EADS CASA.
EADS CASA has more than 40 years of experience working with military and commercial operators in areas of maintenance, overhaul and modernisation of aircraft and helicopters. Recently developed modernisation programmes for Spanish Air Force F-5, C-130 Hercules and Mirage F1 fleets are currently being offered to other countries. Modernisation programmes concerning F-18 and F-5 avionics are currently under way.

Space Division

This division develops structural, thermal and power distribution subsystems for launchers, satellites and orbital infrastructures. It also takes part in military satellite and minisatellite programmes for the Spanish MoD and participates in the programmes for the development of new technologies, both in Spain and abroad.

Additional Info

  • Address: Avenida de Aragon 404, PO Box 193, E-28022 Madrid
  • Works: Madrid (Barajas), Getafe, Toledo (Illescas), Seville (San Pablo and Tablada) and Cadiz (Puerto Real and Bahia)
  • Tel: (+34 91) 585 70 00
  • Fax: (+34 91) 585 76 66/7
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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