In 1997 Zenair Ltd of Canada formed a joint venture with CZAW, established earlier that year, for manufacture in the Czech Republic of its STOL CH 701 and Zodiac CH 601 series of light aircraft. First Czech components were manufactured in 1998. Factory output comprised 30 in 1997, 44 in 1998 and 54 in 1999 and has now exceeded 100 per year. The STOL CH 801 and CH 2000 are now also available from CZAW. Workforce in 2002 was approximately 110.
CZAW offers the CH 601, 701 and 801 in three different stages of completion: as a factory-jigged, fast-build kit; and in full flyaway form with Rotax 912 engines, avionics, instruments and two-tone paint finish. A total of 85 CH 701s, with options for 48 more, was ordered by the Indian National Cadet Corps in late 2000 for the training of Indian Air Force pilots; 25 of these had been delivered by 21 February 2001. Development was completed in late 1998 of a modified CH 701 for ULV agricultural applications. A Zodiac floatplane, flown by CZAW's CEO, won the 1999 Schneider Cup seaplane race at Desenzano del Garda, Italy, on 19 September 1999, Additionally, CZAW is European agent for the AMD CH 2000.
CZAW produces a complete line of wheeled and non-wheeled aircraft floats, with displacements ranging from 250 to 1,000 kg (551 to 2,205 lb), suitable for such aircraft as the GlaStar, Kitfox, Zenair and Van's types. 'Jump-start' wings, ailerons, flaps and tail surfaces for the GlaStar kitplane, as well as wings for its German OMF-100-160 Symphony counterpart, are also manufactured.
In addition, CZAW refurbished the prototype Luscombe 8F under an agreement with Renaissance Aircraft LLC and Zenair Ltd.

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