Shijiazhuang Feiji Gongye Gongsi (Subsidiary of AVIC II)

SAIC (formerly SAMC) has produced Chinese Y-5 versions of the An-2 general purpose biplane since 1970, concentrating since 1989 on Y-5B and C customised agricultural, forestry, tourist and parachutist versions; other products have included W-5 and W-6 ultralight series. With the effective cessation of Polish An-2 production, SAIC is the only company now regularly building new examples of this long-serving biplane. Became part of Xian Aircraft Industrial Group July 1992, but relocated within AVIC II in 1999 reorganisation. Latest venture is a TB20 Trinidad lookalike known as the LE-500 Little Eagle.
Occupies 46 ha (113.7 acre) site, including over 100,000 m² (1,076,400 sq ft) of covered space. Workforce of 2,803 in April 2001 included 461 engineers and technicians.

Additional Info

  • Address: PO Box 164, 25 Beihuanxilu, Shijiazhuang, Hebei 050062, China
  • Tel: (+86 311) 777 52 83
  • Fax: (+86 311) 775 29 93
  • E-mail: samc@yeah-net
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