TYPE: Side-by-side kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Original Pelican Club first flown 1984. The Pelican PL was introduced in 1991 and the Sport in 1998. Meets Transport Canada TP 10141 regulations. Pelican Sport also available as factory-finished aircraft.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Pelican PL: Standard ultralight version.
Pelican Sport: Redesigned wing with higher-lift aerofoil, longer span and STOL kit. Comes in three subvariants, depending on operating area: Sport 450 (Europe), Sport 500 (Brazil) and Sport 600 (US, Canada, Australia and Mexico).
Pelican TuToR: Derivative conforming for FAR Pt 23; certification under way during 2003 and expected to be completed in 2004; will also be cerified to Canadian chapter 523-VLA standards.
Description applies to Pelican Sport 600 unless otherwise indicated.

CUSTOMERS: Over 250 Pelican PLs and 60 Pelican Sports completed and flown by December 2002. Ultravia had built more than 600 Pelicans of all variants by mid-2003, of which up to 40 exported to USA before association with Kolb.

COSTS: PL: standard US$20,780; fast-build US$27,180; Sport: standard US$22,025; fast-build US$28,575 (all 2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: High-wing of constant chord, single bracing strut each side; sweptback fin, with constant-chord tailplane at base. Cantilever landing gear.
Fast-build kit, with 49 per cent of assembly completed, is also available, Quoted build time of standard kit 1,000 hours and of fast-build kit, 500 hours.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Five position (0 to 45°) flaps. Pelican Sport ailerons droop 10° when full flap deployed. Mechanically operated elevator trim tab, ground-adjustable rudder and aileron tabs. Horn-balanced rudder.

STRUCTURE: Composites, vacuum-moulded fuselage with rigid PVC core. Single-strut, single-spar, all-metal wing with aluminium-covered control surfaces. Cantilever horizontal tail surfaces. Landing gear legs of 4130 steel.

LANDING GEAR: Fixed tricycle versions standard. Steerable nosewheel has bungee suspension and uses Azusa 15 cm (6 in) wheel. Optional tailwheel version uses a Matco WLT-6 or Kolb 10 cm (4 in) tailwheel. Cleveland 5.00-5 mainwheels with disc brakes on both versions. Optional floats and speed fairings.

POWER PLANT: Typically, one 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 ULS four-cylinder four-stroke driving a three-blade Warp Drive ground-adjustable propeller. Other engines can be fitted, including the 59.6 kW (79.9 hp) Rotax 912 UL and 84.6 kW (113.4 hp) Rotax 914 UL. Fuel capacity 91 litres (24.0 US gallons; 20.0 Imp gallons) in two wing tanks, of which 87 litres (23.0 US gallons; 19.2 Imp gallons) usable.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and passenger in side-by-side seating. Baggage area behind seats.

SYSTEMS: 12 V 250 W generator.