TYPE: Four-seat lightplane.

PROGRAMME: Development described under Diamond in Austrian section. Production of Lycoming-engined variant transferred to Canada in 2002.

CURRENT VERSION: DA 40-180: Baseline version with Lycoming IO-360 engine. Preparation for Canadian assembly (which see) began September 2001, and first from this source (C-GDFC, c/n 40201) delivered on 28 March 2002 to Academy Air Services, Ontario.
DA 40-TDI: Powered by 99 kW (133 hp) Thielert Centurion 1.7 turbo-diesel; Austrian-built.

COSTS: With standard Bendix/King avionics US$179,900; with standard Garmin avionics US$181,900; with Bendix/King or Garmin deluxe avionics packages, both US$189,900 (all 2002).
The description of the DA 40-TDI applies also to the DA 40-180 except as follows:

POWER PLANT: One 134 kW (180 hp) Textron Lycoming IO-360-M1A flat-four with Lasar electronic ignition and self-adapting inlet cooling, driving an MTV-12-B/180-17 three-blade constant-speed (hydraulic) propeller. Fuel in two wing tanks, standard capacity 155 litres (40.9 US gallons; 34.1 Imp gallons); optional 200 litres (52.8 US gallons; 44.0 Imp gallons).

SYSTEMS: 28 V electrical system includes 70 A alternator.

AVIONICS: Choice of Bendix/King or Garmin packages.
Comms: Bendix/King Standard package includes KX 155nav/com, KT76A transponder with blind encoder, and PM 1000 II intercom; Deluxe package substitutes KX 155A for KX 155 and KT 76C for KT 76A, and adds KX 165A nav/com/glideslope, and KMA 28S audio panel with intercom and marker beacon receiver in place of PM 1000 II. Garmin Standard package includes GNS 430 nav/com/GPS/glideslope, GTX 327 transponder with blind encoder, and GMA audio panel with intercom. Deluxe package adds second GNS 430. GNS 530 nav/com/GPS optional in exchange for GNS 430.
Flight: Bendix/King Standard package includes KLN 94 GPS moving map and KI 208 VOR/LOC. Deluxe package substitutes KLN 94 GPS for VFR unit, and adds KI209A VOR/GS. Further options include KAP 140 two-axis autopilot with altitude hold/preselect and electric pitch trim, KCS 55A slaved HSI (exchange for KI 209A) and MD-41 GPS/nav/annunciator. Garmin Standard package includes GI 106A VOR/LOC/GPS/GS indicator. Deluxe package adds second GI 106A. Further options include Bendix/King KAP 140 two-axis autopilot with altitude hold/preselect and electric pitch trim, KCS 55A slaved HSI (exchange for GI 106A), MD-41 GPS/nav/annunciator and Goodrich WX-500 Stormscope.
Instrumentation: Vision Microsystem VM 1000 engine control system comprising manifold pressure gauge, tachometer, engine hour meter, oil pressure gauge, oil/cylinder head temperature indicators, fuel flow indicator, ammeter and voltmeter, compass, ASI, altimeter, VSI, turn co-ordinator, artificial horizon, DG, OAT gauge, chronometer and alternate static port, all standard.