TYPE: Side-by-side kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Design work started January 1989; construction of first prototype Griffin I began September 1989; first flight 1993. Construction of Mark II began 1995 with first flight that year; Mark III first flown 1997 followed by Mark IV first flight October 1998. First kit delivered 4 January 1996.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Griffin III: Lower-powered version; no longer available.
Griffin IV: Baseline version, as described.

CUSTOMERS: 72 ordered and eight flying by mid-2002 including three in Canada and two in USA.

COSTS: Kit US$18,500 excluding engine, propeller and instruments (2003). Estimated design/programme cost US$3.5 million to date.

DESIGN FEATURES: High-wing monoplane. Good all-round visibility, including roof windows, enhanced by instrument panel positioned low in cockpit and convex side windows. Quoted build time 800 hours.

FLYING CONTROLS: Manual. Full-span continuously positionable flaperons deflect to 20o and also reflex slightly for cruise drag reduction. Electrically operated full-span trim on port elevator.

STRUCTURE: All-aluminium semi-monocoque fuselage and and wings; elevator and rudder are fabric-covered. Single-strut laminar flow high-aspect ratio wing; thickness/chord ratio 19 per cent. Wing dihedral 1o 30'. Low-mounted tailplane.

LANDING GEAR: Choice of tricycle or tailwheel layout. Sprung aluminium mainwheel legs. Tricycle model has oleo-pneumatic nosewheel suspension. Tailwheel version has steerable Matco 11 cm (4½ in) tailwheel. Matco disc brakes. Mainwheels and nosewheel Matco 6.00-6, all tyres pressurised to 2.9 bar (42 lb/sq in).

POWER PLANT: Griffin IV: One 119 kW (160 hp) Textron Lycoming O-320 flat-four engine, driving a two-blade fixed-pitch wooden propeller in demonstrator; engines in range 74.6 to 119 kW (100 to 160 hp) can be fitted including 59.6 kW (79.9 hp) Rotax 912 and 74.6 kW (100 hp) Teledyne Continental O-200A.
Griffin III: 74.6 kW (100 hp) CAM 100 piston engine. Fuel capacity 136 litres (35.9 US gallons; 29.9 Imp gallons) in two wing tanks. Oil capacity 8 litres (2.1 US gallons; 1.8 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and passenger in side-by-side seating with dual controls. Upward-opening door on each side of fuselage. Baggage stowage behind seats.