Symphony Aircraft Industries was formed in June 2004 to take over manufacture and marketing of former OMF Symphony (Germany) two- and four-seat aircraft in a 2,500 m² (26,900 sq ft) manufacturing facility originally built for OMF's Canadian subsidiary, OMF Aircraft at Trois-Rivières, Quebéc, Canada. Transfer formally took place on 15 February 2005. Production was set at 50 aircraft for 2005 (later revised to 40; 12 achieved) and 70 for 2006, and by October 2004 Symphony had 16 staff; this reached 75 by January 2006 and was expected to reach 125 by the end of 2006. In June 2006, company went into protected status, similar to US Chapter II reorganisation, fiting changes in the Canadian investment market, at which time it had delivered 15 SA 160s and had an order book for 20 more.

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