Formed in 1985, the company moved from initial 745 m² (8,000 sq ft) plant to new 4,925 m² (53,000 sq ft) premises in 1995 to accommodate increase in business. In mid-2000, Murphy opened a fast-build factory in the Philippines, which employs 40 staff to produce Super Rebels and float kits; by end 2002, five aircraft per month were being shipped. Subassemblies are built from Canadian parts which are then shipped back. At Sun 'n' Fun 2001, Murphy displayed two new aircraft, the JDM-8 single-seat ultralight and SR 3500 Super Rebel. By mid-2002, over 180 Murphy aircraft were current in Canada.

Additional Info

  • Address: Unit 2, 8155 Aitken Road, Chilliwack BC V2R 4H5, Canada
  • Tel: (+1 604) 792 58 55
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