Started as MBB Helicopter Canada on 30 March 1984, Eurocopter Canada Limited (ECL) now employs 150 people at its 9,290 m² (100,000 sq ft) facility at Fort Erie. The company holds the world product mandate and design authority for the Bo 105LS A3 and provides products and services for the complete Eurocopter range, including the new EC135 and EC120B Colibri. Eurocopter Canada is certified for ISO 9001; its production department is certified for AQA P1, JAR 145 and FAR Pt45 requirements; the engineering department makes use of the CATIA design system and is responsible for certification of modifications and repairs for the Eurocopter range. Pilot and engineer training is also carried out by the company and offered as part of the purchase package. Warehouses at Fort Erie, Montreal and Vancouver provide parts support for over 300 Eurocopter helicopters at present operational in Canada and also supply approximately 20 new and used helicopters per year. Previously produced Bo 105LS utility helicopter.
Current activities also involve assembly of the EC120B Colibri, AS350/355 Écureuil, EC135, EC155 and EC130. Turnover in 1999 was C$62 million, in 2000, C$60 million and in 2001, C$60 million.

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  • Address: PO Box 250, 1100 Gilmore Road, Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 5M9
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