Found Brothers Aviation set up 1948 at Malton, Toronto, to build FBA-1A 4-seater. Flown 13 July 1949, led to 34 production FBA-2 versions, but company out of business July 1968…
FOUND AIRCRAFT CANADA INC The present company of this name was establised to reinstate production of the FBA-2 Bush Hawk, beginning deliveries in mid-2000. An XP version was introduced in…
Husky Aircraft formed at Vancouver 1955 to start aircraft manufacture on west coast and also put Leonides-Husky into production, a development of Fairchild F11-1 Husky.
J.G. Harold Hussey, Calgary, produced Skyhawk 101 high-wing 2-seater (November 1959), followed by low-wing Skyhawk 400, both with quick-fold wings, car-tow attachment and wheel/ski gear.
IMP Group, Halifax, NS, handle major upgrades, e.g. role change for Sea Kings and rebuild (with turboprops) of Brazilian P-16E Trackers.
INNOVATOR TECHNOLOGIES Having originally been marketed as an open frame helicopter, the Innovator Mosquito was relaunched at Sun 'n' Fun, April 2004, with an enclosed cabin and structure as the…
Intercity Airlines formed 1946 to develop Sznycer/Gottlieb helicopter (9 July 1947).
Centre de Recherches Jean St-Germain flew Raz-Mut ultralight 1976, several hundred being built.
Stanley Johnston produced 4 aircraft 1926-60, last being Special side-by-side tourer.
Daniel G. Jones built D-1 single-seat biplane 1979.
Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter upgrades Convair 580 and related Canadair CC-109 Cosmopolitan.
Leaven Brothers built small number of Fleet Canuck 2-seaters 1965-6.
LEGEND LITE INC Freedom Lite company began production of the Skywatch SS-11 in 1996; changed name to Legend Lite during 2000.
J. Mabley built VW-engined ultralight 1961.
MacDonald Brothers, Winnipeg, built parts and finally assembled Anson V 1941-4. Also major parts Catalina, Norseman, Helldiver and Mosquito.
In 1957 Maranda Aircraft Co. of Montreal acquired rights to Roger Adam RA-14 and RA-17 leading to Super Loisir, Falcon, Hawk, Lark and agricultural BM3.
Robert E. Martyn built West Wind ultralight (14 May 1960).
MBB Helicopter Canada Ltd at Fort Erie formed 1984 to produce uprated BO 105LS helicopter. Company name changed to Eurocopter Canada.
McAsco Aircraft Division, Calgary, are heirs to one of biggest homebuilt operations in world, previously Squaircraft, K&S and Macfam, all in USA; business then returned to MacFam (capital F) in…
Wilmer McGregor built sport biplane 1962.
McKinnon-Hickman began converting Grumman Widgeons into executive aircraft 1953, moving on to larger Goose as McKinnon Enterprises, which in 1978 became McKinnon-Viking Enterprises producing Super Widgeon with retractable tip floats…
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