Aeromot Industria is part of Aeromot Group with Aeromot Aeronaves e Motores SA (parent company, founded 1967) and Aeroeletronica Industria de Componentes Avionicos SA (established 1981); former sells aircraft and spares and provides maintenance; latter certifies and manufactures avionic equipment for civil and military aircraft, including 11 items for Embraer Tucano and 13 for Italian-Brazilian AMX.
Aeromot Industria initially designed, certified and built seats for aircraft built by Embraer, it later produced several structural parts for Embraer aircraft, and designed and certified seats for Airbus, Boeing, Fokker and McDonnel Douglas (now Boeing) commercial transports. In 1985 it purchased assets of Fournier motor glider factory in France, including sole manufacturing rights for RF-10; has since incorporated several improvements to basic model, including a turbocharged engine and a trainer variant. A lightplane version, the AMT-600 Guri, with reduced wing span, first flew in 1999.
Factory has shop floor area of 3,100 m² (33,375 sq ft) and workforce of approximately 150. Future plans include eventual manufacture under licence of high-performance foreign sailplanes and of all-composites four-seat light aircraft.

Additional Info

  • Address: Caixa Postale 8031, Avenida das Industrias 1210, 90200-290 Porto Alegre, RS
  • Tel: (+55 51) 33 57 85 00
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