Aeromot Industria is part of Aeromot Group with Aeromot Aeronaves e Motores SA (parent company, founded 1967) and Aeroeletronica Industria de Componentes Avionicos SA (established 1981); former sells aircraft and…
Formed 1962, produced T-23 Uirapuru and developments. Major subcontractor to Embraer until 1984.
Built A-80 Falcão, attractive 65-hp 2-seater, 1963.
Set up 1952-4 by Henri Mignet to build advanced versions of 'Flying Flea'.
After 1945 Baumgartl went to Brazil and produced series of light rotorcraft, notably PB-60 towed rotor kite, PB-63 single-seat conventional helicopter and PB-64 driven by tip pulsejets.
Companhia Aeronáutica Paulista formed São Paulo 1944, quickly produced CAP.1 Planalto low-wing trainer, CAP.4 Paulistinha high-wing trainer/tourer (and 4B ambulance and 4C observation/liaison), and CAP.5 Carioca tourer. Money ran out…
To overcome import restrictions on light aircraft this company designed and built prototype Casmuniz 52 light twin, flown April 1953. Omareal was to produce in series.
Companhia Nacional de Navegação Aérea, part of Henrique Lage group, built HL-1–HL-6 light aircraft 1936-51.
Companhia Nacional de Navegação Costiera, formed 1937 Ilha do Viana to make Muniz trainers for Army; 1942 became FBA.
Companhia Nacional de Avioes Ltda flew W-151 Sopocaba 5-seater 1964.
Ing. Romeu Corsini, lecturer at São Paulo university, built SP-18 light ag-aircraft 1969-74.
Centro Técnico de Aeronáutica was set up by air ministry and comprised school (ITA) and R&D institute (IPD) which 1960-64 produced FG-8 Guanabara 4-seat derivative of Fokker S.12, and BF-1…
Aircraft department of IPD: see CTA.
Following cessation of manufacture by the Billie company in France, the Petrel amphibian is being produced in Brazil for local and export markets. Marketing outside South America is undertaken by…
EMPRESA BRASILEIRA DE AERONAUTICA SA Created 19 August 1969, Embraer operating on 2 January 1970. Its 250,000 m2 (2,691,000 sq ft) factory at Faria Lima was officially joined on 15…
Engineering school of University of São Paulo has produced succession of powered aircraft and gliders, with numbers prefixed IPT, SP or IPAI.
Former army workshops at Ilha do Viana produced Muniz M-7 and M-9 Gipsy-engined biplanes and, from 1942, Fairchild M-62.
Fokker Industria Aeronautica SA formed 1954 at Rio’s Galeão airport, assembled 100 S.11 and 50 S.12 trainers, works closed 1959.
Fábrica do Galleão, former naval air workshops, built aircraft for air force as well as navy 1937-48: 40 Fw 44, 25 Fw 58 and 48 Fairchild M-62.
HELICOPTEROS DO BRASIL SA Formed 1978; owned jointly by Grupo Bueninvest (30 per cent), MGI Participacoes (25 per cent) and Eurocopter France (45 per cent). First assembly hall inaugurated 28…
Indústria Aeronáutica Brasileira SA briefly produced prototypes of light aircraft 1966, including Premier 64-01 2-seater and Aerobatic 65-02.
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