Red Arrows (1967)

Little Rissington, Gloucestershire.
LV. Gnat jet aircraft lined up on tarmac. SV. The pilots walk towards camera. CU. Squadron Leader Ray Hannah. CU. Red Arrow aircraft. SV. Pilot gets into Red Arrow. LV. Pan, Red Arrows take off. Ground to air shot as they fly overhead in formation. Air to air shot as the group goes through aerobatics. Ground to air shot as they fly past in formation. LV. Pan as two aircraft fly head on one another, passing very close. Air to air shot as they go through another manoeuvre. Ground to air shot as five of the aircraft roll. LV. Pan, single plane rolls while travelling very fast. LV. Pan, the formation of five comes towards camera then spreads. LV. The same manoeuvre but as they spread they roll. GV. The five aircraft travelling in level flight roll over.