Formerly Triloader Aircraft Corporation NV, which at one time intended to develop the Clark-Norman Triloader. Wolfsberg Aircraft Corporation NV is now developing the Raven 257 small multirole aircraft.
The prototype programme was managed un the Czech Republic by Wolfsberg-Evektor, construction being Letov Air for the wing and Evektor-Aerotechnik for the remainder. The prototype flew on 28 July 2000. In September 2000 the whole programme was transferred by Wolfsberg Aircraft, Belgium, to its wholly owned subsidiary Letov Air (now called Wolfsberg Letecka Tovarna) in Prague. After major management reorganisation at Wolfsberg Letecka Tovarna, development continues. Construction and certification is carried out by a subsidiary company in Czech Republic; marketing is from Belgium.

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  • Address: Woudstraat 23, B-3600 Genk, Belgium
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