Established 1922 at Antwerp Deurne-Sud by J. Stampe, M. Vertongen and designer Alfred Renard, early designs being designated RSV. Built small numbers of biplanes and monoplanes, all 2-seat trainers or tourers of 100-200 hp. Following Renard's departure (see Renard) designed further trainers, of which SV.4 (1933), with company's usual 4 ailerons, proved great success, nearly 1,000 being built in France post-war including 940 by Nord and AIAA. By 1934 S. et V. Were moving into high-powered military field with SV.7 recon bomber and SV.10 fighter/bomber/recon (2 x 800-hp GR 14Krsd), but latter crashed, killing chief engineer and J. Stampe Jr. Never recovered, and little post-war activity.

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