Société Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques was formed December 1920 with main factory at Haren, with undertaking to purchase (BF6m annually) by SABENA. During first decade built over 350 aircraft under licence: Avia BH.21, Avro 504K, Bre.XIX, Nie.29C1 and, for SABENA, Handley Page W.8F. Own designs began with DP 2-seat ultralight, SABCA.2 for 4 passengers, S.XI 20-passenger airliner (3 x 500-hp) and S.XII 4-passenger (3 x 120-hp). In 1930s built Renard R.31 and Savoia SM.73, S.20 3-seat cabin monoplane, S.30 light side-by-side monoplane and S.40E trainer built for air force. Major effort was design, helped by Caproni, of S.47 2-seat fighter/attack aircraft (October 1937), but too late for war. SABCA also built engines under licence. Original company resumed operations 1949 with overhaul, assembly of Jeeps and design of S.70 trainer (abandoned), later overhauling F-84s, assisting Fairey with Hunter production and supplying SNCASO with parts for Vautour. From 1961 SABCA participated in manufacture of Hawk missile, F-104G and Br.1150 Atlantic, adding factory at Gosselies to original Haren site. During 1960s parity holdings were obtained by Dassault-Breguet and VFW-Fokker, leading to participation in all versions of Mirage, Alpha Jet, F27, F28 and Puma, adding in 1980s F-5, A310, Ariane and complete assembly/test of F-16. Today company is bigger than ever, still at original address, owned by Dassault Aviation, Fokker and others.

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