Seabird Aviation was founded in 1983 to develop the Seeker observation aircraft. Despite having built Seekers for certification, Seabird's business plan was always to franchise Seeker production capability, rather than sell individual aircraft; entire manufacturing equipment for a Seeker production fine can be forwarded in two standard-size ISO shipping containers.
On 25 July 2000, Seabird signed an agreement with Evektor-Aerotechnik (EV-AT) of the Czech Republic leading to the formation of a joint venture company. Evektor-Seabird Pty Ltd, to manufacture and market the Seeker. This had produced no aircraft by mid-2003, when Seabird reached a new agreement with KADDB of Jordan for local assembly in quantity.

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  • Address: Hervey Bay Airport, PO Box 618, Pialba, Hervey Bay, Queensland 4655, Australia
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