Principal national builder since 1959 of light and agricultural aircraft, delivering (by 1993) 376 tough high-wing machines, plus a sesquiplane version.
Asociación Argentina de Constructores de Aviones Experimentales is national organization like EAA. Numerous projects, some flying.
Produced AVI 205 prototype 1963; single-engine multirole utility.
Set up 1960 to build LASA-60 utility aircraft.
Chincul SA assembles and part-manufactures wide range of Piper aircraft (over 950 by late 1992) and assembles Bell 212 and 412.
Cicaré Aeronáutica built series of 4 light helicopters 1972-81.
National aeronautical R&D and production organization, established 1957 having previously been FMA (1927), IA (1943) and IAM (1953). Major projects IA 35 Huanquero twin, IA 38 flying wing, IA 45…
Escuela Nacional de Educación Tecnica No. 1, one of several air force schools, produced Pazmany PL-4A and PL-2 in 1986-7 and prepared series production of developed PL-2 called PL-3 Guri,…
Established Cordoba 1927, built foreign designs until from 1932 produced original series of trainers, tourers and AeM.T-1 5-seat transport. Became IA in 1946, but reverted to original name 1 July…
Large industrial firm founded 1891, which in 1944 set up division for aircraft repair and production of gliders. Built Macchi MB.308, first flying February 1959.
Principal government aeronautical centre at Cordoba, established as Fábrica Militar de Aviones, renamed Instituto Aerotécnico 20 October 1943. In 1952 incorporated into IAME.
Designation prefix of aircraft produced by Argentina’s FMA/IA prior to 1952.
Empresa Industrias y Mecánicas del Estado formed 28 March 1952 to take over all state activity concerning military or commercial aircraft, incorporating IA, formerly FMA.
Compania Industria Metalúrgica & Plastica SA started aircraft department September 1941. Prototype RR-11 2-seater flew July 1942 and improved Tu-Sa-O in April 1943, as well as primary gliders.
Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina SA (LMAASA) Original FMA (Military Aircraft Factory) came into operation 10 October 1927 as central organisation for aeronautical research and production; underwent several name changes before…
Formed 1958 by Lockheed and Industrias Kaiser SA at Cordoba to build LASA-60 utility transport, abandoned 1962.
Petrolini Hermanos, Società Anonima Industrial y Comercial, Departamento Aeronáutico, at Moreno, built 160 El Boyero 2-seaters (designed by IA) for clubs and schools on Government contract 1949-52.
Representaciones Aero Comerciales Argentinas SA, previously agent and dealer, concluded agreement December 1972 for licence manufacture of at least 120 Hughes 500D and 500E helicopters.
Rochetti, Razzetti Aviación SA, Rosario, produced small number of J-1 Martin Fierro ag-aircraft (18 December 1975).
Talleres Al-Aire formed 1960 to produce light aircraft. Work in progress on AL-2 Tijerete twin-boom pusher and Turbay T-11 when proprietor killed 1975.
TENSA SA, Buenos Aires, reached 1979 agreement with Cessna that it would assemble 420 aircraft of various Cessna models by 1984, but did not do so.
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